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How we determine which CBG oils are best

There are many factors that determine how good a CBG oil is. We’ve gone through the main ones below, but also dotted down some distinct advantages of affordable products:

  • Isolation from the hemp plant: it’s more difficult to isolate CBG than CBD. That’s why it’s important that production is up to scratch. CBG makes up only 1% of the whole cannabis plant, which also affects harvest time.
  • The cultivation process: A very important part of the whole process is how the plants are grown. We only rely on experienced and trusted producers who have years of experience.
  • Production: CBG is extracted from the hemp plant just like CBD or CBN. However, as we wrote above, it is more complicated to carry out, which of course has to be taken into account. Here we look mainly at how producers extract and isolate CBG.
  • Which carrier the oil uses: in order for the body to absorb CBG, a carrier is used. The most common are olive oils, but MCT oils are also used. We all have our own preferences regarding taste and here we only describe which carrier is included in the product.
  • Full spectrum: products using CBD and other cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects when combined. This is also called full spectrum, which we recommend.
  • If THC is traceable: in most cases, the manufacturer announces if there are traces of THC in the product. Most of them can guarantee that no THC can be traced as it is illegal in many countries, one of which is Sweden.
  • Bioavailability: how easily the oil is absorbed by your body is another part of our assessment.
  • Price: some products are more affordable than others. When it comes to price, we focus mainly on what you get for your money, especially when it comes to the slightly more expensive CBG oils.

Frequently asked questions & answers about CBG

What is CBG good for?

There are a plethora of potential benefits of CBG. According to early studies, indications were found that the substance can ease medical conditions such as glaucoma, IBD, IBS, bladder dysfunction, Huntington’s disease, as well as bacterial infections.
Note, however, that research is limited to animals at the moment and we don’t know exactly how well it works on us humans yet. Some users also use the oil to increase appetite, or to relieve pain.

Is CBG legal?

Yes, as long as there are no trace amounts of THC in the product. You can often ensure this directly from the supplier, before you place your order.

What does CBG mean?

First of all, it is an abbreviation of the substance cannabigerol. CBG is also the original cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, but it is considered to have a better effect than CBD and is also more difficult to extract. This makes it slightly more expensive to produce.

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